понедельник, 27 апреля 2009 г.

     Hello, my name is Marilyn, so i want to tell you about one event have been taking a place recently. One day i got home really exhausted after my new advansed exersise class. I was so tired i could hardly move, but my husband Richard began teasing me: he said that doing aerobics for an hour without stopping was quite  easy, so it offended me and we decided to bet : conditions were like that: if Richard worked out it aerobics class with no problems so he would win and i would cook dinner for the entire family but if i won he would have to cook. Well, on the next morning Richard visited the Davis Aerobics Center for Good Health and there  he met the instructor, Jack Davis, who made an interesting offer for Richard to take pictures of an aerobics class for some reward: if Richard agreed on it the instructor'd give him and me a month of classes-free. So Richard did. After he came home and told me that he'd gone to the aerobics class and he was in the great condition. But on the next morning he confessed that he'd taken only pictures yersterday. So we decided to go to an aerobics class together today. Well, when the aerobics class passed Richard was really exhausted and he lost, but we decided to cook dinner together.

               The essay "Should businesses provide sports and leisure facilities for their staff"

     In our century of information technologies people spend lots of time at work at the computers,
 so that influence their health badly and workers don't have enough vacant hours to go in for 
sport or keep fit and this ,of course, reduces their capacity for work. And nowdays, a lot of 
companies and businesses provide sports and leisure facilities for their staff. Although providing leisure facilities for workers isn't obligatory conditions and costs quite high for some businesses, but I strongly believe, that the state should force businesses and large companies to provide sports and leisure facilities  for their staff.

     First off all, as people spend more time at work than at home, so they try to pay attention  
to their family and spend lots of time on household chores at their free time. And they don't really have time to go in for sport, keep fit and other leisure activities and when they go to work on  Monday they're the same exhausted as they were at the end of work week. For that reason,it is important for businesses to provide sports and leisure facilities for their staff, because that'll increase not only their capacity for work but also their attention.

     In addition, businesses and large companies should provide sports and leisure facilities for their staff because workers spend more time at the computers, so that influence their sight and health badly and companies provide sports  and leisure facilities for their staff more profitable than pay insurance.

     On the other hand, providing sports and leisure facilities for staff is quite exprnsive to businesses and  they deduct some summ from wages of workers because if they don't do it, the company'll suffer losses.

     In conclusion, I strongly believe that businesses should provide sports and leisure facilities for their staff because that improves workers' health and attitude to work and because businesses bear the responsibility  for their workers.