суббота, 21 марта 2009 г.

Smart Home

     Hello! I want to tell you about my high-tech house. The thing is that my family's built this house and we've equipped with the latest technologies and indeed our life has become much easier, but the longer we've been using these ultra-modern appliances, the more clearly we've understood that we've been  becoming lazier and lazier. So that is why my family's decided to let the house to a young couple, which is constantly busy at work, and using the latest technology will be able to pay more attention to each other and their family.

     Well, there're seven rooms in the house (it is enough for a small family and their guests). Each room is equipped with advanced technologies and not only. For example, while you are lying on a sofa enjoying the built-in massager and watching a favourite film, an automatic lawn mower is cutting grass  and automatic sprinklers are watering flowers. In each room there are touch pads which is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day and using them you can activate or control any ultra-modern appliances around the house. Also the front door is opened by a fingerprint system so it is one of lots advantages of this house.

     Of course, this house and ultra-modern appliances make our lives much easier but we must remember that technologies don't control our lives, we direct the technologies in the house.